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Prof. Paolo Vanni’s short curriculum

As ordinary professor in Medical Chemistry, from 1980 and teacher in Medical History from 1995. He worked in both researches fields. He published more than four hundred works regarding comparative Biochemistry, plant Biochemistry Enzimology, studies of Enzimology in the space (he have directed an experiment on the sounding Rockets during 1996 in Kiruna Svezia, spatial base of E.S.A. and in ESA spatial base in Bordeaux, may 2000), history of medicine and Red Cross.

He was visiting professor for biochemistry to ETH Zurich in 1974 and 1978 and at Washington University in 1988.

In the Medical History field, he presents about 200 works in the psychiatric history, medical therapy, but especially in the military medicine history with emphasis in the Red Cross history.

In October – November 2001 he worked as visiting professor at the Medical History Institute of Toronto University directed by Prof. E. Shorter. I was supported from Canadian Government for Canadian Red Cross studies. His historical studies mainly concern the life, the character and the memoirs of Henry Dunant. Of the memoirs he edited in collaboration with the Public Library of Geneva (antique collection), the papery and electronic publication, that has now reached the eleventh volume

He organized several national and international congress of medical and Red Cross history

From 2002 he is the director of historical office of Italian Red Cross – Florence Italy, regional committee.

From 2006 he has been Italian delegate of SISM (Società Italiana di Storia della medicina) to ISHM (International Society for the History of Medicine). He is Italian delegate of SISM for Italian national Red Cross Committee. He is also national delegate of CRI for Red Cross History.

He is member of Academia “Colombaria” Florence, of Accademia dell’Arte Sanitaria – Roma, of “Filoatrica” Society - Florence and recently (2016) also of Accademia dei Georgofili - Florence - Italy.

On October 3 2009 he got the merit silver medal of the Italia Red Cross.

From July 24 2012 he is Emeritus professor- University of Florence.

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